Vegetable Smoothies

One of the reasons I got the total blender and dehydrator was so that I can incorporate more ‘Green Drinks’ into my life and more green powders without spending £50,000 on a bottle from a health food shop.

This way it’s fresh, doesn’t sit in the cupboard waiting for me to use one teaspoon then throw it away and I can create to taste – which is quite important when you hate the vegetable drinks on the market and realise that the carrot juice that has been sat in the bottle in the supermarket or health store has been either preserved with something or sat there for a few days – hardly fresh is it?

Juice oxidises and loses nutrients as soon as it is put through the machine so the best thing to do is drink it straight away.

If I am away – which I often am, I try to find a juice bar, or just eat spinach until I get back home :-)

Vegetable Juices will be updated here shortly

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