Fruit Smoothies

If like me you are a lazy fruit eater, a juicer can be a godsend BUT juicers still take out the pulp and fibre so you could be missing out on some vital nutrients. One of the reasons I got a total blender like the Blendtec was that I could use pineapple chunks and whole oranges and apples so as to not waste part of the fruit I would usually eat.

Some juices I like straight up but some I like total – basically mix it up so you don’t get bored and FOR GODS SAKE – don’t put Banana in everything like some sort of cheap filler like many leading brands do ;-)

I have a few favourite juices that are staples with the Champion so I will be experimenting with the Blendtec to see if I can get a similar taste – the pulp makes quite a difference to the taste especially when you are whole juicing things like lime and ginger so I will keep you posted!


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