Japanese Vegetable Spiralizer /Spiral Slicer

As a person that gets very bored of vegetables ‘straight up’, I decided to have a look around to see how I could make things a little more interesting.

Apparently all you need are some specialist slicers for making vegetables into noodles so let’s give it a go.

After reading many reviews and watching YouTube videos – I decided to cut out the middle men and just go straight to the exotic vegetable art and noodle capital of the world – Japan.

Having already purchased a supersize Benriner Mandoline Slicer a while back for general kitchen slicing, I was more than happy to purchase the Benriner Cook’s Help Spiral Slicer purely because the other ones looked large and unecessarily fiddley.

Granted, many may find these fiddly as they¬†have screw in blades as opposed to the cheap and easy slot in blades from other slicers I have seen, but there are very few mechanical parts and it doesn’t look like an awful lot can go wrong. Except of course for losing the blades in a few weeks, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it :-)

Noodle Slicer Test

It seems the vegetable hailed as the pasta of the raw food world is the courgette or zuchinni to our friends overseas. Having never eaten courgettes like this before, I was totally not convinced that I would like it at all! I thought it may be soggy and as hard to eat as a huge bowl of grated carrots (yes I get bored easily if it is the same texture over and over).

I was however pleasantly surprised and more surprised that one courgette fills you up completely and I’m not even slightly hungry even though I have not eaten a lot.

When you use the slicer, it feels like nothing is happening but when you lift it up you get a plate full of these bad boys… the spiral slicer made incredible fresh and tasty noodles that I would happily eat again and again but I might take the time to make a proper sauce recipe instead of chucking in the blender what I had to hand – was still delish though!

Quick Sauce Recipe

img_0584For the test I used a basic pepper and tomato sauce that I kind of made up (they will get better):

  • 1/4 cup of soaked courgettes (handful)
  • 3 tsp Nutritional yeast
  • 1 whole red pepper
  • 2 dehydrated tomatoes
  • Handful of dehydrated onions
  • Handful of Alfalfa sprouts (there were there so I thought why not?)
  • Ground black pepper to taste

I personally don’t use much salt so this was great for me.

I made the noodles then just put the sauce on the top – looks like spaghetti, tastes like a creamy cheese pepper sauce (with a hint of Alfalfa) lol

I enjoyed it and may have another one as it’s so easy to eat and nothing like the slimy cold nasty mess I was expecting. I think I need to experiment with more sauces though!

Happy Spriralizing!


If you want to buy one – here you go!
Benriner Cook’s Help Vegetable Slicer – Professional Grade

Author: jackie-hole

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