Home Made Almond Milk

So Easy, so delicious! Having tasted store bought I was not really taken with Almond Milk – a bit powdery and a bit erm – bland?

BUT – Make it yourself and you can choose the consistency and the ‘creaminess’ and now I know what all the fuss is about.

Not only is it LUSH, I will happily drink a glass of this as a milk substitute without wondering why healthy stuff after all these decades still doesn’t taste much better or has tonnes of sugar in.

How to make Almond Milk

1. Soak Almonds over night in filtered water

2. If blanched then use as they are, if with skins ‘pop’ them off before using

3. Drain the water and rinse then put the Almonds into a high powered blender

4. Add water – and blend¬†¬†- I use a Blendtec on setting 4 ‘whole juice’ and I do it twice

5. Blend to the consistency you want – you will be making Nut Cheese out of the Almond pulp so the thicker the ‘creme’ the thicker your resulting milk/cream will be. I find the store stuff to be watery and tasteless – I like mine the consistency of slightly thicker milk. Don’t forget you can always add more to the final liquid but you can’t take it away. The ‘thinner’ the liquid, the easier it is to squeeze out though.

If you are making cheese – add your probiotics now – but if you don’t want that in your milk then add probiotics later once you have made your milk

6. Get a bowl and a sieve (fine double mesh I find works the best) then place butter muslin into the sieve or use a nut milk bag. Twist the muslin or draw the string of the bag and put a weight on the top – I use my pestle and mortar bowl as it weighs a ton!

7. You can leave overnight if you are making cheese but I find if you squeeze it all to within an inch of it’s life and keep the weight on, you get most of the milk out so you can drink it fresh and refrigerate.

The finished product… Look at the gallery for step by step pics!


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Author: jackie-hole

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