Carrot Chips

I can juice my way through carrots no problem but ask me to eat the actual vegetable and I struggle past one or two which is a shame as they as so good for you. When you juice you lose some of the goodness as pulp and I have to admit  that I didn’t really like total juice carrots and I get totally bored with grated carrot unless it’s hidden in coleslaw so I thought I should find ways to eat more vegetables when I get stuck in to work and ways to waste less of the vegetables juicing.

I love roasted carrots and love baked vegetable chips so I thought I would try So I tried raw Carrot chips.

I cut them super thin with a potato peeler for fast drying and extra crunch and put them on 125 overnight

The Result?

Super Crispy super light crunchy carrot chips. Trying them all straight first but will venture in to toppings and marinades as I get more used to things.


Author: jackie-hole

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