Hole’s Kitchen

Where It All Started – Cooked Food

Back in the days and like any other teenager saving up for a bike – I started waiting tables. One day the cafe owner threw an apron at me and said “we are one short, you are helping me in the kitchen today” – needless to say, it was an instant win and I didn’t wait tables again.

After that I worked pubs, restaurants, industrial canteens, sandwich bars, outside catering companies, and even went abroad to further my culinary knowledge, ending up as Head Chef in a four star hotel restaurant and many other restaurants in Gibraltar.

My Interest in Raw Food & Nutrition

I ventured into raw food territory simply because I was fascinated with the effect that optimum nutrition can have on the body. I had thought that perhaps I should be a nutritionist so I bought a book called ‘Raw Energy’, purchased a centrifugal juicer and experimented with sprouts. Working in Gibraltar on split shifts as a twenty year old meant I had several hours to kill every day but the beach was too hot so I became a gym bunny and spent the rest of my time sprouting in the sunshine and juicing my brains out with the idea of coming back to the UK to open a juice bar or health food restaurant.

When I got back, I found that people thought I was into quack cures and decided that marketwise, it may have been ahead of it’s time – I also had no money which doesn’t go well with big ideas so I decided I would go to university and find out how to use a computer. I found myself enrolled on a multimedia course and ended up running my own interactive media agency with a natural progression into Search Marketing and all things Google.

Members of various teams ended up calling me Dr Hole due to my endless experiments with vitamins and minerals to see if they could make me work for longer with less sleep – not usually the way round it goes, but what can I say – I had a lot of work on! I have to be honest and say that I have also used super nutrition as a justification for being more unkind to my body than I should have been!

Why The Blog?


These were not happy days!

Having worked as a computer bod for coming up to nearly two decades (really?? gosh time flies) I miss creating food and working in kitchens and feeling light on my feet and so fit you feel like a superhero – unfortunately due to a car shunt and a string of subsequent accidents resulting in broken bones, I had to give up a lot of the exercise I used to do and have put on 4 STONE!!!  After several years of chiro, I am much less wonky so back on track and needing to get fit again – still have to limit what I do but the only way to be ‘as’ fit is to over compensate with super healthy food and here we are…

I had also been thinking for a while that I should start a foodie blog for fun and to get the old skills back again (if you don’t use it you’ll lose it) – then this weekend, my Champion Juicer broke – after having owned and loved it for 14 years. I decided to get another one, and while I was at it, get the other kitchen porn of choice that I’d had my eye on for decades – a total juice machine – AKA a Blendtec high powered blender and a dehydrating machine from Excalibur…

The idea is to amuse myself whilst also boring you all to death with super health experiments combined with old school classic cooking and maybe a bit of weight loss but uber health is my main focus.

This blog is a combination of  all of the things I love, raw or cooked, healthy food, packed with nutrients with a bit of gourmet thrown in. I personally think, if you can make it yourself – why don’t you?



My first blog photo EVER

Up until 2 years ago, I did not own a camera and used to always take a throwaway camera with me. One day I decided to buy one for a walking blog I was doing and discovered that I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of food (and people for those that go ‘uh oh’ when I arrive at a conference!).

I still haven’t read the manual and still don’t really know what all the settings do, but give me food to photograph AND EAT and I’m there – it doesn’t move and seldom talks back and why use a mobile phone when you can take a full on Canon shot… As such, all of the photographs on the blog belong to yours truly – feel free to use them but please, give me a credit and link to the page where you borrowed it or the Mothership www.jackiehole.com

A Word About Food Intolerance

I am lucky enough to not have any food intolerance but I am interested in pursuing a diet with much less wheat and dairy. I am not a vegan, or a vegetarian so I do eat high quality as local as possible meat so if that offends you LOOK AWAY NOW

All recipes are designed to mix and match or cherry pick something quick that you can be bothered with. In my experience, too much of one thing is not good for you, so I try to mix it up a little, and I am certainly not too worried about the odd naughty snack… or pints of real ale… or…[insert endless list here] – so long as the majority is good wholesome, organic and unprocessed, you are always going to be a lot better off healthwise.

There are some foods I dislike the taste of as a vegetable such as the dreaded celery but I find juiced or dried as powder it is DELICIOUS so this blog is also a way to experiment with the same food in different ways – I hate to miss out – don’t you? ;-)

The End bit…

I don’t think that any food preparation is boring or pointless so I hope that my enthusiasm may rub off and you find that actually it’s not that much trouble to be healthy and that cooking is just as much fun as any creative pursuit and takes no more time or skill than putting a ready meal in the oven in many cases. Most of all I hope you enjoy me mucking about in the kitchen as much as I do!

Have Fun Peeps

Jackie Hole